With a team of dedicated professionals ready to consult any new client or campaign, James Marketing Consultants promotes results with integrity, high energy, and a winning mentality..

James Marketing Consultants is a premier sales and business development firm. Discover our
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A Winning

Business Approach

We practice a unique marketing and sales approach, specializing in face to face customer acquisitions. We believe our greatest asset is our communication skills, and by utilizing our strengths, we help our clientele gain new customers throughout the Indianapolis and surrounding areas.


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Our Awards & Accolades

Our Values


We believe in ethics over profit. A guiding principle in our company is that what you do when no one’s looking defines your character.


Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation and we do both here at James Marketing Consultants.


A career at James Marketing Consultants is geared towards learning the skill sets and mentality to create a lifestyle of freedom and choices.


Competition forces us to be more creative, which promotes growth and leads us to our common goal of achieving greatness.

Fortune favors the bold.

Latin Proverb


What’s it like working at James Marketing Consultants?
Weekly Team Nights
Travel Opportunity
Family Environment
Rapid Advancement


Hello!  My name is Leahcim.  Coming from Kingston, Jamaica and being raised in Queens, New York, I try to incorporate diversity into every aspect of my business.  Growing up on the east coast, I learned quickly that this world thrives on competition and discipline, and I needed to develop both attributes if I wanted to be successful.  Therefore, I grew personally from playing basketball at a young age.  I played for four years on a varsity basketball team in Queens, and then attended Rosemont College in Pennsylvania to continue my athletic career.  I played for two years before deciding to focus on developing my entrepreneurial skill set, while still soaking up everything I could from my business courses.  Towards my last year of college, I decided to complete my bachelor’s degree early as to gain more real-world experience in the workplace.  I started out as an eager intern, but once I graduated college, I was hired on full-time in an entry level role.

I attribute plenty of my drive to my intern experience, and I aim to maintain the humility that is associated with such a position.  Within a few months, I was promoted into an Assistant Management role.  With all the experience I was gaining, I grew confident in my abilities and took the first steps into opening my own company.  I founded James Marketing Consultants in 2015 on the same principles of competition and discipline.  Within our first two years, we doubled in size and opened our second location in Milwaukee.  In 2021, I project our company to generate 1.5 million in sales.  I pride myself on developing a family-like, competitive culture that is unique to JMC; the utmost respect that we treat our employees with directly translates to how our employees treat our clients.  Therefore, our goal at James Marketing Consultants is to create an unforgettable experience for our employees and clients alike as we strive to be the best direct marketing firm in Indianapolis.


Leahcim James

Our Mission

Our mission at James Marketing Consultants is to create a culture that no one else has. The better the environment, the better the results.

Business Development


James Marketing Consultants direct approach to marketing means we build closer, longer-lasting relationships with your potential customers. Personalized, product-specific presentations are the difference between your current and future market share.

Sales Consulting


Interacting face to face with your potential customer base has never been so easy. The beauty of outsourcing to professionals is that you are ensured that your brand and name are properly represented and protected. Our goal is to generate our clients $1,500,000 in revenue in 2020.

Leadership Training


The most favorite aspect of our business? Training and developing our people. Whether we’re focusing on improving communications, team-building, or operational tasks, all team members who enter James Marketing Consultants door become more confident and capable.

National Expansion


No business exists just to stay stagnant, so growth is the name of our game! Hand in hand with our leadership development program, we groom and develop marketing and sales executives to help your brand expand outside of Indianapolis. Let our team be the smile and handshake behind your national takeover!


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The team at James Marketing Consultants is ever evolving. We are in a place to double in size by the start of next year! What does this mean for our current and future team members? It means growth – unparalleled opportunity to advance based on merit and performance. With a team as goal-oriented and competitive as ours, we believe in internal promotions. We believe that hard work should be rewarded, that there is a clear difference between having a job and having a career. A career is something you pour your heart into, something you see yourself doing for years on end, and something that challenges you as a person and hones your professional skillset. A career is something James Marketing Consultants has to offer.

Management Trainee

At James Marketing Consultants, growth fuels our performance. The opportunity our clients provide to help expand their brand nationally is one we take with deep responsibility. In order to prepare new office locations, we offer an extensive Management Training Program aimed at developing entrepreneurial spirits into successful managers.


➡ Entry level sales consulting

➡ Consistently meet quality standards

➡ Provide exemplary customer service

➡ Team-building and mentoring

➡ Operational and administrative tasks

Human Resources

Every business has a backbone, and ours is our Human Resources team! Composed of the most outgoing, ambitious, and organized individuals, we seek to add a new Human Resources Manager to this growing group. This position works closely with both the sales and management team, so GREAT communication skills are a MUST!


➡ Recruitment

➡ Scheduling

➡ Job Advertisement

➡ Front & back office tasks

➡ Assistance with social media


Getting your foot in the door before graduation doing ENJOYABLE work (ahem, not fetching coffee!) can be challenging. It’s why we created 3 internships in marketing & sales, human resource, and public relations that offer an array of real-world experience capable of sharpening a resume and clarifying post-graduation aspirations.


➡ Challenging work environment

➡ Fun team culture

➡ Opportunity for full-time employment

➡ Compensation or class credit

➡ Corporate sponsored events & travel

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of sales & business development does this company do?


All new customers we generate for our clients are through one-on-one, in person contact, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe relationship-based sales bring our clients better name brand recognition and greater customer loyalty. Have people skills?! They’re a necessity here!

Can I start with the company as a manager instead of entry level?

NO, here’s why

We believe that the best coaches are former players. To us, that means managers at James Marketing Consultants would be individuals who had been in their team’s cleats before! We find that respect stems from managers that show a willingness to work alongside, not just coach from the sidelines. 

Is sales experience a requirement I need to have at James Marketing?

Not at all

Great question, but the answer is no! While face-to-face sales are at the core of our business, a lack of sales experience is not taken into consideration upon hire. As long as we find a potential candidate to have high communication and customer service skills, all sales knowledge can be learned.

Does this position involve travel outside of Indianapolis?


Our business offers travel opportunities galore! We feel it’s one of the greatest benefits we have to offer here at James Marketing Consultants. While each business trip is optional, all team members are given the opportunity for work excursions all the way from California to New York!

When can I start?

We are looking to hire immediately! We are always evaluating new talent like a college basketball team. We win, when our employees win.

Post COVID, what does business look like?

Business is actually looking better than ever. Some companies will have a hard time rebounding from COVID-19 however, here at James Marketing Consultants we are expecting to have our best 18-24 months due to all the opportunity we will provide to those who are looking for employment.

How will I be paid?

Great question! Here at James Marketing Consultants, we pay our employees weekly. We provide all employees with two options for pay. 

$500 Sign-on Bonus.  Pays out after 30 days of employment.  Must submit 10 approved sales in 30 days.

Starting pay $15/hr plus commission

100% commission plus weekly bonuses.

All employees are required to start with option 1 before they have the opportunity to move to commission.


Contact Info

2002 Renaissance Blvd.  King of Prussia PA 19406
Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

Get In Touch

Whether you’re interested in reaching us regarding our services or career opportunities, we look forward to hearing from you!